About me


I’m a storyteller.


For over 10 years I have been working in advertising and help companies to tell their stories. Beginning with the right concept and script, setting up the right shots on the set until the selection of the perfect music to emotionally charge the story. I started with classic agency advertising and realized over 100 commercials for McDonald’s, Opel, BMW, Apollo Optik and others. For two years now I have been making image films with a small team and since this year I offer recruiting films & company portraits for career sites as a new product.


As marketing guru Seth Godin, I am convinced that today’s customers no longer buy products – they want stories told. An iPod wasn’t just a portable music player, there were dozens of them before. An iPod was “1,000 songs in your pocket.” Bamm. What a fantastic story. 1000 songs in your pocket. With those, you can survive any adventure.


What’s your story? Let me help you to tell it.


1994 – 2000: Studies at the HFF Munich, department “Film- und Fernsehspiel”

Since 2001: freelance director & screenwriter

Since 2018: Production of image films



Languages: English (fluent) / French (not quite so fluent)

International experience: Argentina, Italy, North Korea (!), Spain, South Africa, Ukraine, Hungary, USA

Profile: experienced writer & director, unshaken by any crisis during the shooting


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