The Panda Babies

Last autumn I was able to photograph exclusively the first steps of the two panda babies of the Berlin Zoo. A first look after the click.

New in my portfolio: Screencast Videos

The Berlin startup Idagio is currently the best streaming service for classical music. Before Christmas I realized a screencast for the company, which explains the cool features and their fantastic music search engine for everyone.

The Fence

The news lately have been a little thin. That wasn't because I was bored, it was mainly because I developed a new radio play series for Amazon/Audible together with my friend Dominic Raacke. Since the beginning of the year we conceived the story, since about April I was writing the outlines for the episodes, now we have handed in and are curious whether we will get the order for the series ourselves


The script funding for my Bavarian science fiction film "Aliens in Oberbayern" has finally put me in a position to restructure the material together with the dramaturge Lasse Nolte and completely rearrange it. The result is a first version of the screenplay after much atrocity and bloody typing of fingers, at the end of which the answer to the questions of all questions is: are the Bavarians from this world? As you can see, it's all top secret. Hopefully more about this soon

Re-Shooting for Ina Dassel

After all the writing this year I could finally unpack a camera and take some photos last weekend. The Berlin graphic artist and jewellery designer Ina Dassel needed a re-shooting for her collection and I was allowed to take the photos for her

Mein Schiff

In cooperation with TUI, the LUMAS Gallery has just set up a beautiful gallery on board its latest cruise liner, the "Mein Schiff 5". After the Massgames themselves didn't come out of North Korea (so far), they are now sailing around the world at least in the form of my photos. If you happen to be on board this luxury steamer, just drop by on deck 4

Deep in Bavaria

The script funding has not only revived the "Aliens in Oberbayern", but has also enabled me to finally dig deeper into Bavarian history and actually find out how it really is with the origin of Bavaria. Currently I am travelling all over Bavaria, looking, searching, finding and discovering new favourite places and asking all sorts of people from the museum attendant in Burghausen to the head of the Bavarian costume research institute in Benediktbeuern a big hole in their stomach

Exhibition in Warsaw

My photo series about the Massgames in Pyongyang, North Korea has been around for a few years, but is still one of the few that exist. How hard it was to get the permission for it and to carry out the project at all, can be read on the project page and I am still proud that the series exists at all. Now one of the photos will be exhibited at the 25th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw. More info after the click (on the title)

News from Lansing

After writing a series of dialogue books and futures for the Bavarian Daily "Dahoam is Dahoam", I am now part of the "middle team" for the first time in two weeks and am writing my first own outline. Friday was my first day from Monday on it goes full throttle on. It's an incredibly beautiful job and the team I'm allowed to work in is extremely professional. I can't tell you much, just this much: here nobody goes crazy and nobody gets killed. My episodes will be broadcasted on Bayerischer Rundfunk at the beginning of December

Welcome to the future

The entire film industry is looking for the one big idea for a series with which to connect to the big contemporary American series. The magic word is "horizontal narration", i.e. the seamless narrative transition from one episode to the next. The major German television series have refused to follow this principle for years because the stations wanted to retain the freedom to "reprogram" the series to their liking, i.e. to broadcast the episodes in the repetitions in a wildly jumbled manner. But regardless of the hype in the industry, one genre has always told a hardcore horizontal story - often over several years: the daily soap

Massgames go fashion

Earlier this year I got a request from Sue Suh, a fashion student from Hong Kong, via my Mass Games page, if she could use two of my designs for her new collection. Unsaleable unique pieces for the Hong Kong Fashion Week. I liked to listen to her and didn't hear from her for months until another email arrived from her this week

Back to the roots

At the end of September, after a long, long time, I unpacked my good old yellow lighting gloves, which were last in use about 15 years ago. My friend, the cameraman Jan Fehse called me and told me that he was preparing a little movie with Veronica Ferres: "Short Term Memory Loss" by Andreas Arnstedt. Finally Jan said he would ask me something totally crazy now, I could also say "no"

The emperor’s new clothes

News from the Berlin Castle Simulation | An article for the relaunch of my good old capital city newsletter "News from the Capital": For a few years now, the centre of Berlin has been dominated by a huge building site: the Berlin City Palace. Built in its original form in 1442 by the Hohenzollern family, then permanently rebuilt over the centuries, baroqueised and greatly extended by Schlüter around 1700, until Schinkel finally gave it the dome and an imposing north portal in the late 19th century. After the Emperor's flight in 1918, the Republic was proclaimed here, but then remained largely unused, was severely damaged by Allied bomb strikes in World War II and finally burned out completely in February 1945