The internet is as big as it is confusing and while web designers in the first boom years of the 90s could get by with a few simple menu items, modern sites are so complex that users get completely lost in no time at all and can no longer find their way back to the initial page. The 90s solution to this problem was “sitemaps”, on which all subpages were listed. You would rather not see the sitemap of or Zalando and would certainly not be a helpful guide.

The solution of the noughties was to make the menus more and more complex over time, but of course every web designer makes his own boot and so today we experience a wild jumble of menus that are sometimes at the top, sometimes at the bottom, sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other, sometimes written in clear words, sometimes hidden behind cryptic symbols (keyword “hamburger menu”), and because it’s all so confusing and you don’t want to confuse your customers, but rather “guide” them, the fashion for “how to” videos has emerged in recent years, explaining to the user exactly how the hyper-cool designed menus work and behind which colourful symbols you have hidden all the cool features that set you apart from the competition.

Music streaming is currently all the rage and it works reasonably well for pop music. When it comes to classical music, however, things become much more complex, as there are suddenly not just songs, but works in individual movements, as well as different performers and recordings and reinterpretations by other performers, which overwhelms the search engines of the big top dogs Apple Music and Spotify. Anyone who has ever searched Apple Music for Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” in Glenn Gould’s recording from 1955 and not the one from 1981 knows what I’m talking about.

The cool Berlin start-up Idagio has taken on this problem and developed a wonderfully clear website that not only solves these problems in a simple and elegant way, but also provides a library that leaves nothing to be desired. To demonstrate this for everyone, we have developed a short film that demonstrates the user guidance using an example and shows a few of the features without overwhelming the viewer with too many details. A film as simple and straightforward as it can be.

See for yourself: