Massgames go fashion

At the beginning of the year, I received an enquiry via my Massgames page from Sue Suh, a fashion student from Hong Kong, asking if she could use two of my designs for her new collection. Unsellable one-off pieces for Hong Kong Fashion Week. I happily agreed and didn’t hear from her again for months until this week when I received another email from her. According to her, the Fashion Week was quite successful, but unfortunately her clothes were stolen from a scammer, so the jacket-like shirts with my red and yellow angels now only exist virtually on her website and the video of the show. But at least they were allowed to catwalk once.

Here are the originals on my website (dancers I #3 and I #7).

Here is the collection with my motifs.

And here is the video of the show:

All photos & videos (c) by 8CUFF / Sue Suh