Flightright Summer Party 2022

After the planes were empty at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and Germans rediscovered hiking holidays in the mountains or camping on the Baltic Sea – as it was easy to get there by car – the big long-distance trips should be made up for this summer. They should. Because many airlines and airports were experiencing huge problems.

For the first time in its history, the infamous capital city airport BER tried to ramp up to full operation and completely collapsed a few hours later. The chaos was so great that Lufthansa finally recommended being at the gate four hours before departure. This recommendation was gratefully taken up by the railways, which got travellers to many transfer airports such as Munich or Frankfurt much faster. But it wasn’t just Berlin that was in chaos. A total of three flights in Europe were massively delayed or simply cancelled. For many travellers, the dream of their first long-haul trip in two years was shattered at the gate.

The Berlin startup Flighright has set out to help such travellers get their rights. If they can’t get to their holiday destination, they should at least be properly compensated or recompensed. The colleagues from the various country offices have not seen each other for a few years now due to the pandemic, which Flightright took as an opportunity to organise a summer party at its Berlin headquarters. The colleagues from Stockholm apparently held the record for delays with just under six hours, but firstly, of course, they know how to help themselves here and secondly – the main thing was to be together under one roof again.

See for yourself.