The Panda Babies

At the end of September, Christiane Reiss, the head of marketing at the Berlin Zoo, called me and asked me what I would do by Christmas. She didn’t want to tell me much more on the phone, just one thing – a big event was imminent. A very big event. Shortly afterward, I stood with her in a separate area of the zoo. In front of us sat panda lady Meng Meng – heavily pregnant. With twins. The panda wasn’t too excited, he gnawed at his bamboo with relish. But the excitement at the zoo was enormous. A twin birth of pandas had previously only occurred in Toronto and Vienna. It was a world sensation. The press would be raving about the best places.


To spare the panda lady the stress of a pack of nervous journalists who would be running non-stop around her, the zoo wanted to take the film and photo production into its own hands and use it to serve the press from a source – and I should help Christiane’s team with advice and deeds. In a total of 6 sessions, I was the only external photographer to photograph the little pandas and shoot footage for the social media channels, until the workflow was finally recorded in such a way that the social media team of the zoo took over the production itself. These are the photos of the first weeks of the two panda babies Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan. More on this soon in a small article.