Script funding for “Aliens in Upper Bavaria”

We received a lot of praise for the “big approach” of the Bavarian mystery film “Aliens in Oberbayern” over the years, but unfortunately we didn’t get the necessary funding. The financial outlay was simply not yet in the right proportion to the genre.

So last autumn, I completely reworked the material together with co-author Lasse Nolte. The result is a much younger and more modern approach, a crazy found-footage film that leaves the world of the “Bavarian aliens” as it always was, but explores this world through the lens of a “fake documentary”. In the new approach, we have much younger main characters for a younger and genre-affine audience, can realise the project with a smaller budget and are at the same time much more authentic and much cooler and more modern.

Producer: Carolin Dassel

Screenplay development funding from the Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA)

Screenplay funding for the new version by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF)

The method is beginning to bear fruit: in the meantime, we have found a Munich-based distributor, SquareOne, which has shown great interest in the project, and a Munich-based production company, DOR Film West, which would like to realise the project together with us.

As a result, the project has now taken a decisive step: at the award meeting of the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern on 20 April 2016, we received script funding for the new version. Many thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of the committee who made this decision: we are still completely speechless about it, it finally gives the project the wind under its wings that it needs. In June, I’m going on another research trip to Bavaria to explore the strange universe of Bavaria for myself, then I’ll start writing.

Even if it hasn’t looked like it for a long time – we’ll still let the aliens land in Bavaria. I promise.