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In the 10 years that I have been directing commercials, “the client” has always been the unknown entity. In the world of advertising, contact with the client only takes place in North-Korean style “guided tours” through the advertising agency, which has already sold the client a finished concept and wants to avoid questioning even one iota of this laboriously created concept. This fear is so great that before the most important meeting for  the shooting, the “Pre Production Meeting” in short PPM, in which agency, production company and director finally coordinate everything with the client, a Pre-PPM is organized without the client in order to prepare the PPM as a perfect show for him. The more important the client, the more detailed this preparation and so I had three pre-PPMs for a job for McDonald’s, with the success that the client complained in the main PPM that he could no longer decide anything.

Last autumn, when our little boy was on his way, I wanted a permanent job to bring – at least for the first time – a little more peace into the restless household. So I started to apply as copywriter. But not for advertising agencies – but as company copywriter, directly for the legendary “client”. My first application went to Free2Move, a Berlin-based startup dedicated to simplify the fragmented carsharing market and giving everyone easy access to all carsharing vehicles in their area.

Since my beloved Volvo 480 left this world with a veritable engine failure and was transported by ADAC to the eternal Volvo hunting grounds at Frankenwald service station, we no longer had a car of our own and slowly began to explore the Berlin carsharing world. We soon realized the the  market was as huge as as confusing. I became really curious, when suddenly the electric scooters of COUP appeared everywhere in the city and have been hissing around in neighbourhood ever since. Silent scooters that don’t emit dirt, are fun to drive and which you can park everywhere after your ride – good for the environment, good for the neighborhood, good for you. If that’s not a convincing new technology! But at the time of my interview at Free2Move, over 20 different carsharing apps had accumulated on my mobile phone and I was already fixed on the idea of a company that collects them on a single map. Free2Move was exactly that company and they were urgently looking for someone with a background in storytelling and advertising to improve their copy. Already during our first conversation we started to like each other and in September I could start.

Over the next 8 months I wrote all copy for Free2Move. From CRM campaigns in German & English, advertising campaigns, social media content for Google, Facebook & Twitter, team stories for Instagram to all texts in the app, the app stores, the website, press releases, everything. I wrote all new texts and polished and updated the old ones. I’ve never written as much as I did in these 8 months, but I enjoyed going to the office every morning. The team was great and after all those years where I was writing alone at my desk, I really enjoyed working with the code wizards and marketing professionals. The app is great, by the way. Available for iOS and Android.