The new image film for softgarden is finally done and running on their website.


Creating image films is always a great adventure and often a long journey. The film for softgarden has a particularly long journey behind it – but every meter of it was worth it because the originally planned little story finally turned into a big and really beautiful one.

Thanks to the great team around managing director Mathias Heese, especially Sandra Müller, Andreas Poell and Saphir Schiwietz, who gave me the opportunity to realize this beautiful project. A special thank goes to word blacksmith and Google Ad wizard Aurel Gergey for his great feeling for language, his always alert head and his always open ear – he helped me a lot to polish and further develop the script.


PS: Video is king! Customers stay longer on a website and are more involved with a product when they see well-made video content with exciting storytelling. So they experience the product up close instead of just reading explanations about it.

And here the making of: