The Fence

The news lately has been a little thin. That wasn’t because I was bored, it was mainly because I developed a new radio play series for Amazon/Audible together with my friend Dominic Raacke. We’ve been designing the story since the beginning of the year, about April I was about to write the outlines for the episodes, now we’ve handed in and are curious whether we’ll get the order for the series ourselves.


“The fence” is a dystopian story, on the border of a Europe which, after the great waves of refugees in the 10s and 20s, massively upgraded its border security unit “Frontex” and successively surrounded itself with an enormous barrier, popularly called “The fence”. In this world we tell the story of Frontex soldier Julian Kleinert. He is angry and frustrated because he has been transferred to the Baltic States, where tensions are growing daily on the border between the United Europe and Russia, for a blatant misconduct. When an informant tells him that his own superior is a Russian agent, he sees his chance to rehabilitate himself. By all means he tries to get behind the secret of Major Fechner and finally faces the conflict: does a soldier have to obey orders or, in case of doubt, refuse to do anything to ward off damage from his country?