Mein Schiff

When I was in North Korea with my friend Jürgen for the first time at the Massgames, we fantasised about organising a “Massgames World Tour”. It was actually more of a boys’ thing. We were less interested in the question of how to organise foreign visas for the 100,000 dancers in a country where the tour guide hadn’t even flown within North Korea, and more interested in the huge transport capacity needed to get these 100,000 dancers from one performance to the next. With accompanying personnel, we ended up with almost 300 jumbo jets. Given the very limited capacity of Pyongyang’s airport, we quickly abandoned the project.

The travel company TUI Cruises has now found an interesting answer to our question at the time: the highly successful cruise ship series “Mein Schiff” has just been joined by a 5th sister ship: the “Mein Schiff 5“. However, it will not be transporting the gymnasts of the Massgames, as the enormous capacities of this colossus of the seas are not sufficient for that. Even the entire “Mein Schiff” fleet would be just enough to transport 5 scenes, but then you still wouldn’t have a background and you would probably need a medium-sized dinghy for all the costumes, trainers and musical accompaniment. Provided you can manage the 100,000 visas, that might be an interesting challenge for TUI one day.

The photo gallery LUMAS has taken a much more elegant approach in collaboration with TUI and set up a beautiful gallery on board the “Mein Schiff 5”, transforming the entire ship into a “floating art gallery”. The Massgames now sail around the world in the form of my photos. If you happen to be on board this luxury liner, just drop by on deck 4. The gallery already looks great in the photos.

Photo of the “Mein Schiff 5” courtesy of TUI Cruises, photos of the gallery courtesy of LUMAS / Avenso GmbH