Back to the roots

At the end of September, after a long, long time, I unpacked my good old yellow lighting gloves, which were last in use about 15 years ago. My friend, the cameraman Jan Fehse called me and told me that he was preparing a little movie with Veronica Ferres: "Short Term Memory Loss" by Andreas Arnstedt. Finally Jan said he would ask me something totally crazy now, I could also say "no"

The emperor’s new clothes

News from the Berlin Castle Simulation | An article for the relaunch of my good old capital city newsletter "News from the Capital": For a few years now, the centre of Berlin has been dominated by a huge building site: the Berlin City Palace. Built in its original form in 1442 by the Hohenzollern family, then permanently rebuilt over the centuries, baroqueised and greatly extended by Schlüter around 1700, until Schinkel finally gave it the dome and an imposing north portal in the late 19th century. After the Emperor's flight in 1918, the Republic was proclaimed here, but then remained largely unused, was severely damaged by Allied bomb strikes in World War II and finally burned out completely in February 1945